Monday, June 9, 2014

May Tidbits

May was a super fun month for us. It's so nice that we are in Spring and Summer and can do more things outside with the boys now. May is a big month of events for our family, first was Steven's birthday party and of course our trip to Chicago and our 5 year anniversary, Memorial Day, Mother's day and my mom's birthday, whew!

We had such a great time on our Chicago trip. I hope we get to go back sometime soon!
Such a fun trip!
Some other fun stuff, Steve took Steven to an arena football game near us and they had a blast. He said he ran around like crazy but I think it was so neat that they could share that. I know Steve is eager to talk to Steven about sports and all of his other passions.

Steve also took Willow, Steven and a bunch of other kids to the Renaissance Faire. They had a great time, of course he only took one picture. A throne of swords I think this is?

I'm not sure if I mentioned in April or not but Steve started a new job. He now works at Graybar as a web developer. It's a lot closer to our house and he hopes to get the opportunity to program on new technologies. They seem to like him there and he likes it so far so that's good!

I also got a promotion recently which was awesome. I had been wanting to move up for a long time so this was great news! I'm still with Employee Education System at the VA but now I'm a Management Analyst. I actually moved to a new office on the 3rd floor of our building as well, so lots of changes for me at work this month!

Big news for Steven this month as well. We put together the bunk bed we got for him from Ikea. He LOVES it! Days after Steve got them up, he kept saying "Thank you for getting this bed for me!" It's so cute. At first he was kind of shaky on the ladder but he was determined to get it down and after only a few days of practicing he can go up and down by himself. He is so proud of that and we are proud of him.

Happy as a clam.

I had a lot of fun with my friend Jenn this month. We went to see the Chippendale's and it was awesome. We had a blast!

You're jelly.

Me Lindsey and Jenn

Jenn and I also took a painting class. It was through Wine and Canvas that we got on Groupon. We had a really good time! It was at a nice place called the Lakehouse, which seemed like they had a good menu. We should go eat there sometime. But we had fun. I'm not the best painter but I always have a good time trying. I stole this picture from their FB page! ha!
Steven had his 3 year doctor's checkup and I decided to take him for a little mommy time. I took off work one morning and we made a little half day of it. He was really excited to get to spend time with me. I love him so much!
We went to breakfast. I let him choose and he picked McDonalds. Fine by me. They had spider man toys there and OMG he lost it. He is so obsessed with super heroes lately. It was pretty cute.
He wanted ALL the toys!
We also had my side of the family over for a Memorial Day BBQ. It was really great that they could make it, Cindy even came from Kansas. Kris and Zach brought Miss Emelia and it was so nice to be able to see her. She's only about a month older than Logan so they are so cute together. Steven was psyched for babies! ha ha

Steven wanted Emelia's

Lots of babies!
So lots and lots of fun stuff for us this May. It was a busy month!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Logan at Eight Months

Eight months has been a big time for you, Logan! You are done so much developmentally this month. It's crazy how fast you will move from one skill to the next. I wish you would slow down a little, buddy!

All smiles!

My boo!
At the beginning of the month you were still working on crawling and scooting/rolling your way around. Then you decided you wanted to pull yourself up and see what was going on around you. 
We had to help you pull up but it wasn't long (just a few days) till you were strengthening those legs and pulling up on your own. You would even use your mouth to try to get a grip and pull yourself up. Now, you can mostly pull up on your own and you can stand with little assistance. You are still wobbly but you hate to sit still now. You want to be standing all the time and will pull up on everything around.

This month you also started really working on feeding yourself. You were grabbing at food before but having a hard time getting it to your mouth. Well this month you have no trouble grasping at food and bringing it to your mouth. Even small things like puffs are no problem and you get them in your mouth most of the time.

Another big accomplishment for you this month has been getting your first tooth! The bottom middle tooth finally started poking through this month. It gave you a hard time! You were in pain so bad, we could just tell it was hurting you. You were not your normal, happy self for a few days dealing with that. Hopefully the first one is the worst one and you will be ok from now on.

So excited about the teeth!

Look at those teefers!
Besides teething you have been a really happy baby this month. You are very playful and love to play peek a boo and get tickled and giggle. You are still very interested in your surroundings and almost hate to be given a bottle because you can't see what is going on around you!

You got to play with cousin Emelia this month!
You are still really interested in your brother and want to be near him a lot. Steven has taken an interest in making you smile and laugh and you just love that. You are sometimes a bit cautious around him still but that's understandable because he can still be a bit too rough. He just can't wait to play with you though and you two are going to be so much trouble, I can already tell.

My boys!

Logan you are just growing by leaps and bounds. Its incredible how fast you are growing, I think you might even beat your brother to walking, which is crazy! You are still just the sweetest, happiest baby (except when you are teething). I can't wait to see what fun stuff we can get into this summer!

Naptime?! What?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Steven's 3rd Birthday

Remember that time I forgot to do a birthday recap post? No? Me neither. So pretend this is early May...

We celebrated Steven's 3rd birthday this month! Kind of hard to believe that my little baby is 3 years old but at the same time, he seems so big lately! Steven was SUPER excited about his 3rd birthday party. I asked him weeks before what kind of party did he want to have and he kept saying , "Blue!" I suggested all kinds of themes but he was very consistent, "Blue party, mommy." So blue it is! He kept talking about it as it got closer to the party day which was so adorable. Kind of a huge difference from last year when I'm not even sure he knew what a party really was. So big!

We had the family over to the house for a party and BBQ. We had a great turnout. A lot of people came which was so nice for Steven.

The birthday boy with his loot
Steven really super loves his cousins. I was so glad that they could both be there. I know it means the world to him. Dan actually brought Willow in just for the party so I thought that was so sweet. Steven was so happy to see her and Eli. 
Aren't they so cute! They are all getting so big.
Steven actually enjoyed opening his presents this year. Which is such a change from years past when he has cried and hated it. He DEFINITELY knows what presents are now and definitely likes them.

The only bad part was he would open something cool and want to play with it and ignore all the other gifts. Oh well, can't really blame him too much for that!
Of course, Willow was very helpful.
Steven was really excited about this bubble gun that came with a holster. He wears it all the time still. Sorry for the bad picture quality. Our living room has great natural light which ruins pictures, unfortunately.

He also really enjoyed this SpiderMan car given to him by our friends, Carrie and Kevin. It was really sweet of them to come. Carrie also made cake pops for the party, which were delicious!

Some other family pics. Of course grandparents were there. Jordan and Kim actually took Steven to a parade during the day so that was a really fun day for him! He said he had a blast.

Grandma and Logan

It was a really great party. Steven had such a great time and it was so awesome so many members of our family could make it to celebrate with him. He's a lucky kid.

The next day was Steven's actual birthday. It is our tradition to go to the zoo and then Ted Drewes on Steven's actual birthday. We usually go just us but this year Dan and Willow were in town and spent the night at our house so they came with us. 

We actually forgot to sing to him at his party so they got donuts (his favorite) and we sang happy birthday to him over donuts. ha ha!

Then we headed out to the zoo. I was totally annoying the men (and kids) with the camera but it was his birthday! I think I was also having a bit of a sad mommy moment because he just looks and acts so big now! Sniff.
The brothers and their babies aw!
Steven and Logan at the zoo. Aren't they the cutest?!

Steven is actually getting pretty good at posing for pictures when he wants to. This is in front of the big cat country. Steven demanded to see the lions FIRST! lol

There was a peacock near the restrooms which was I think maybe the highlight of the visit? Ha ha. They were able to get pretty close to it. I was impressed no one stomped on it or anything. Whew.

It was pretty hot that day but we got to see a lot of cool animals. They were a bit crazed, Willow runs at a very high pace, even for Steven but I know he had a blast.

Cousin love
Look we got a family pic! One bonus kid but I'll take it!

Can you tell I'm literally holding Steven there? lol
In typical cousin fashion after a few hours (sometimes minutes) they were fighting over everything.This picture cracks me up, can you see the pouty face? She won't let him look at it. Boo hoo. ha ha!
I'm such a mean mommy. :P
Me and my boys. This is a great pick of them mostly. Steven was doing this thing near the end of the day putting his hand in his mouth. I think he was getting tired. Poor guy that was a big weekend.

We were on our way to leave but we had to stop by the new sea lion exhibit. It is my favorite! I love how you can walk through underwater and they swim above you. It's so neat.

So then we headed off to Ted Drewes. Of course Willow (who is a bit older) was trying to work us for other things to eat. "I don't want ice cream, I want cotton candy/popcorn/etc/etc" So we said, "Ok! No ice cream for you then!" LOL Maybe we are both mean parents.

The knuckleheads at Ted Drewes
There's nothing like Ted Drewes on a hot day! We all enjoyed some! (Yes, we bought her some ice cream lol We aren't cruel!)

So that was a great day together. They were both zonked out in the car pretty much after a few rounds of "Let it go". Lol

This just cracks me up. Later in the day I had my camera out on the kitchen counter and Steven decided to steal it and take some pictures. He took like 50 pictures! But they all pretty much looked like this one.
Except he did take his first selfie!

That's my boy!
So it was a really great 3rd birthday for our big boy! Filled with lots of fun, craziness and family. Happy 3rd birthday Steven! Can't believe you are growing up so quickly!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quotable Kiddos - Steven at 3 Years

Daddy Steve, "Steven, don't climb on that!"
Steven, "But I'm Captain Hook!"

Daddy Steven,  "Steven don't drink the bathwater!"
Steven, "But I'm a cow!"

When I asked him who his favorite super hero is he said, "Super Mario!"
(Definitely his father's son).

When trying to wear his spider man costume to school,
Daddy "No, you can't wear that to school."
Steven "But my friends will be happy."

Every night before bed we talk about what we will dream about and I always say him.
In the morning he says, "Mommy, did you dream about me?" (Melt my heart).

Whenever he's mad:
"You are NOT my best friend!"

Driving by any body of water lately:
"Daddy, There's sharks in the water!"

When we are saying goodnight:
"Don't let the bugs bed to bite."